Do the Dead Care (start)

You’re average Saturday evening with nothing to do in the country, too far to walk to town, no money to do anything if they did.
They decided to walk down the road, just goofing off.
They cut through the garden and Troy and Jerry got into a rotten tomato fight,
after a while the smell was getting to them so they headed to the creek for a quick dip.
Marilee wasn’t so much a tomboy,
so she just tagged and watched them make fools of them self’s ,
which was most of the time.
Getting in the creek was out of the question she had just done her hair.
The sun was on it’s way down, just behind the tree line,
and they were coming up on the cemetery,
they decided to walk Marilee the rest of her way home.
In the cemetery, Marilee stopped to read one of the eighteen-century headstones.
The boy’s were playing football with Troy’s cap and Jerry ran back for the catch and knocked one of the headstones over it crumbled into pieces, Troy laughed.
Jerry looked at him.
Troy said what? Do they care there dead?

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