Kiss Troy Goodbye

Troy did the next one on purpose so did Marilee.The three ran down the row tipping over every other headstone. The headstones lay broken and crumbled on the ground.
The next day on her way to Troy’s Marilee noticed the headstones were gone.The three of them spent Sunday, working on their eassy’s that were due on Monday.
It’s getting dark Marilee said she had to go, she leaned over and kissed Troy, see you tomorrow.
Jerry said me too, see yea.
Jerry and Marilee said goodbye at the gate.
Marilee started her long walk home the dark country road, and Jerry turned to walk the other direction.
Troy sat at his computer, thinking research is so easy;
he printed out his eassy.
He put in a Rob Zombie cd and cranked it up. Grabbed the paper from the printer and positioned his pillow and himself on his bed and started to read. He sat up shocked, pulling the paper the paper closer to his face, what thu.
The paper read Troy Spears son of Tom and Janna Spears dies from broken neck, the paper started to smoke

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