Kiss Troy Goodbye 2

Then burst into flames, he threw the paper to the floor.
His computer screen flashed a picture of the graveyard displaying the headstones they had reduced to rublbe.
He ran for the door, the knob came off in his hand,
he threw it at the monitor cracking the screen.
The window he thought, he opened it, a flash of lightening,
a dark figure appeared in front of him.
Troy backed across the room tripping over his X box,
his head caught the edge of the tv stand breaking his neck.
The figure vanished. A Black fog poured into the window and hovered over him. The fog covered troy and lifted him up, he couldn’t scream , he couldn’t move, he was paralyzed.
He drifted across the ceiling. The fog dropped him to his bed.
Trot’s eye’s rolled upward, he could see his pillow creeping toward his face,
he couldn’t fight, then his air was gone.
Dead on his bed, the stereo blaring “Real Solution # 9” .
Tom beat on Troy’s door, Screaming turn that crap down.

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