A 1/2 Mile Down the Road

Jerry walked about a half a mile down the road it had started to rain; a car was coming up the road behind him.
He could hear the thump of the bass, good song he thought. Thunder rumbled, the car pulled over next to him.

Jerry leaned down to look into the dark tinted window;
the window rolled down about a half an inch, a deep voice said get in.
Jerry said thanks and got in, this rain’s kind of cold, looks like it’s gonna get bad , he slammed the door.
The doors locked.

I just live down the road, and the man stared straight ahead. This is a cool car, what, a sixty-eight Mustang he said?
The car sped passed Jerry’s house.

Hey, Jerry said, the pasty man looked at him with his black eyes and smiled with his brown stained teeth and the laugh came straight from hell.

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