A 1/2 Mile Down the Road 2

Jerry grabbed for the handle and pulled
bumping his shoulder off the door.
The car accelerated busting through a fence,
then into the cornfield.
It plowed through row after row of tall stalks;
Jerry yelling let me out, what are you doing,
you’re going to kill us.
He looked ,there was no man,
a skeleton in a leather jacket sat at the wheel.
Jerry’s head bounced off the roof,
coming out of the field an onto the tracks,
he kicked the windshield, the car was now running down the track toward an on coming train.
Jerry sucked for air several times,
sharp pain shot through his heart,
he clutched his chest, his mouth opened ,
he looked at the thing next to him and slumped over in the seat.
The car drove back to the road pulled over,
the door opened and Jerry’s body fell to the pavement
and rolled into the muddy ditch.

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