Lake Side

Jonie stood on the shore of the lake. Short, green grass tickling her bare feet. The setting sun blinded her and she shielded her eyes to see further across the lake.Though it was blinding, it was warm. Something which she was thankful for. On the shore, houses dotted the landscape. Each with their own unique color and style. Silence casted across the lake, placing Jonie in a screne moment in time, one which she would never forget.

Her eyes skimmed over the mirror-like surface of the lake, waiting. She was waiting for Ben, as usual. It was their second day at his parent’s lake house and she couldn’t be happier. This was exactly what she needed to end the summer. Away from school, away from her father, away from everything. She wished she could stay here with Ben for as long as she lived but she knew they wouldn’t. But a part of her was okay with that.

Snapping her from her thoughts, two strong arms came around her, hugging her. She knew right away it was Ben and sighed with relief. Moment complete.

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