The Shortcut

So many times she took the shortcut alone through the cemetery.
Something was different about this night.
Shadows from the headstones, the cold, cloud cover from the approaching storm maybe.
Whatever it was it made her feel uneasy.
A cat ran passed, her eyes followed, she thought she saw a shadow, a figure move from one headstone to another.
Marilee froze dead in her tracks.
It was a bird, birds shadow in the moonlight, yeah that’s what it was she told herself.
Thinking now maybe that she should have taken the long way around.
She took a few more steps and saw it again.
That was no bird possibly wasn’t even human,
she thought.
She moved cautiously toward the gates,
each step moving her a little faster, her breath hastened and fogged in front of her.
She was getting closer to the crypts.
That section of the graveyard was the place that scared her the most.
Being locked in was a life long fear.
There was the sound of thunder off in the distance;

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