Remember the White?

The hospital doors were hurled open, white doors slamming against the painstakingly clean walls. Glaring lights beat down on Adrien’s now frozen-open eyes, searing his retinas and bringing old, painful memories back to the surface of his dormant mind.

Doctors immediately grabbed him from Greg’s arms and wheeled him on a gurney into the emergency room. Greg panted and jogged after them. Suddenly, a nurse stepped in front of him.

“We’re sorry sir, but you’ve already done your part. Just wait in here.” She gestured towards a small, old-looking waiting area, no doubt equipped with year-old magazines and a beaten TV with no reception.

As if it wasn’t painful enough.


The doctors crowded around Adrien’s still form, babbling and scurrying to and fro.

“How’s his pulse?”

“Blood pressure?”

“Looks like a severe head trauma of some kind…”

“Get on that pressure check, now!”

A rush of white coats cascaded around the room, blending Adrien’s vision into a flurry of white, white, white…

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