Lilo and LiLo

The small Hawaiian girl looked up at her freckle-y face.

“Are you sure this is right?” Lilo asked, eyeing the brown substance with distaste.

“Oh, sure,” Lindsay snorted, smile abnormally wide. “It’s a wunnerful thing that gets you higher than the clouds!”

“Wait! You don’t give that to him! Illegal substances do weird things with him!” Lilo cried, leaping for the tiny dog-thing as fast as she could, but Lindsay had already snatched it away, sticking its head inside the baggie.

Stitch struggled at first, then two extra arms popped out of his sides and he rocketed around the beach. “Ya-ha-hhooooieee!” he yodeled.

Lindsay laughed and pointed at the odd furry anomaly.

Lilo cried out and jumped up for Stitch, but he was bouncing too much.

“Oh, LiLo!” she yelled. “Go back to rehab!”

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