Hand-Me-Down Reputation

How one guy could make such a reputation for himself in only four years in a school 3k students strong is beyond me, but somehow my brother did it. From the moment I set foot on campus, I was “Jake’s brother,” and no one ever let me forget it.

In first period, I was already put on the spot by none other than the infamous Mr. Wilder. He brought me up to the front of the class and told everyone EVERYONE —about my brother and how he expected me to be so wonderful just like his favorite student, Jake. I could not even begin to break the news to him.

By third period, I had been singled out one too many times. I was not, “Jake’s Brother,” “Jake, My Favorite Student Ever’s Little Brother,” or any other variation! All I wanted was to have a fresh start at a new school and the first and only name that anyone knew me by was “Jake’s kid brother!”... or the students’ version, “that nerd’s little bro!” Hand-me-down reputations: much worse than any second-hand sweater!

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