Nine-Eleven, In The Eyes Of A First Grader: Now We Know

With a loud sigh, she flips the channel until we yell “Yeah!” at Mr. Wiggles. She turns off the lights to supposedly “remove the light’s glare off the TV screen” and she discretely leaves the room. Being the future spy agents that we are, the moment the door clicked shut, we started chatting among each other.

One question was on everyone’s mind, though many of us might not have completely comprehended it – What just happened?

Nobody had the nerve, or maybe none of us had the intelligence, to ask the question aloud. Except one of us. She stood up and said, “What if something bad happened?” After we simply stared at her, she fumbled over to the remote, and searched channel after channel until we found the news, where they were playing the scene repeatedly.

Twenty to thirty minutes later, we’re still staring at the screen in awe, listening to the frantic anchorman. Our teacher comes in, and immedeatly turns of the TV.

“Class, we’re going home early today.”

And now we all knew why.

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