Monster Inside a Child part 2

“Finnaly!” the oppressors said, “We’ve been looking for you all day, ya little freak!”
Crap, he thought, here we go again
The leading oppressor, Jake, was so strong, he actually lifted him up over his head, and threw him against the wall. Jason was a little under average on height, but not by much. He had short, black hair and brown eyes. He usually wore cacky shorts, a plain white T-shirt, and tennis shoes.
Jake punched him in the gut, and all of his friends thought it was funny. These are the times when Jason wished he could change and defend himself without any problems. His parents were the only ones who new about his ability. They said NO ONE ELSE COULD KNOW . He would get arrested for harrasing someone like that. Of course, when they did it to him for no reason, nothing happened.
The oppressors took his bookbag from him and yanked it open. They found his homework due next period and ripped it to shreds. Then they left, laughing. Wow, I got it easy, he thought.

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