Reading Aprehension

“Are you serious?” she murmured in awe.
“Yes, very.” I answered. I had just told her the coolest secret ever. I perceive every single number and letter in a distinctive and inherent color. Everytime I see that letter, it is the same exact color. It’s called synesthesia.
“So… how do you… how do you get any work done?” she asked, still attempting to comprehend it.
“Well, it really helps in Spanish because the colors for ‘hola’ are alot like the colors for ‘hello’” I explained.
“Oh. Really?”
“And… um… spelling: I just memorize tomato red for ‘i’ comes before grass green for ‘e’ except after tangerine orange for ‘c.’ But it makes reading kind of hard. That’s why I never volunteered to read out loud.”
“Seriously?” She was in disbelief. I guess I shouldn’t tell her about how each letter has its own personality. That might freak her out…

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