There is No Time for Sleep

The sharp sound of rocks against the window woke Nick from sound sleep with a start. He sat up in bed, blearily staggered out and pulled the window open with the dreamy feeling that he knew exactly what was going to happen next.

Below, Prudence was grinning up, dressed in black. “Hey,” she stage-whispered. “Are you awake?”

“Oh Christ, ‘Dence, are you twelve? Are you retarded? You can knock.”

“That isn’t as much fun.”

Nick groaned. “It’s… Prudence, it’s four-thirty in the morning.”

“It’s Saturday,” Prudence said, waving a forefinger at him.

Nick leaned over the windowsill and sighed heavily. “Do you want to come in? I recommend the door.”

Prudence considered, wrinkling her nose, and then turned around and walked towards the front of the apartment building. Nick grabbed a pair of pants off the floor of his room and pulled them on before walking to the front door to let her in.

“So what’s up?” Prudence asked pointedly.

“I’ve been asleep.”

Prudence raised her eyebrows and waited.

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