Joyful Understanding

Tumbling from the stars that night came an understanding, bursting through her brain like a million fireworks. No matter if she was standing on a stage in front of a million people discussing scientific discoveries, or making her children a sandwich for lunch, she touches and affects a life every single day. With each apple she gives to her son, she nurtures and sustains him. With each word she speaks to her daughter, she creates a memory that will live inside of her forever. And with each little tickle she touches her babies with, she releases a laughter that will echo in her ear forever, a perfect sound released by her, for no one else but her. Every single day she lives holds a new memory waiting to be experienced, a new remembrance that will always be with her. Knowing her children lie in the next room, breathing each amazing breath and dreaming each amazing dream, she can lie down, close her eyes, and smile with a joyful understanding.

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