Every day they picked on Tom. Some would steal from him, some would pull his hair, some would scream insults at him from across the lunchroom. The thought of going to a school like that everyday turned his stomach. He wished he could give them a taste of their own medicine. One day, he did.

Tom awoke, excited to find that he had grown to be 7 ft tall. He now had large muscles and an intimidating stare. He was no longer a nerd. He strode into school and unabashedly began. He shoved them into lockers, dunked their heads in toilets, and made them see how cruel they all were through example. His example.

Oh how Tom laughed at them, at those bullies. His laughter could be heard through his padded door and all the way down the hall. Janet, a nurse at the asylum, grumbled every time she heard him laugh. Her son had told her about the large quiet kid that just walked into school one day, and started picking on students for no reason. “Guess schizophrenia does that to you.” she thought… Tom was such a bully.

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