Best Laid Plans

The world was an intense light that wouldn’t abate. Tala tried to rub her eyes and found that her hands were tied behind her back with some rough leather cord. Squinting, Tala tried to focus her eyes as she attempted to sit up.

“Bad idea, bad idea, “ she muttered as a wave of nausea washed over her. Closing her eyes, Tala forced her stomach to calm down. When she finally opened her eyes again she found that she was lying on a plush red couch in what could only be Darrel’s workroom. The whole place reeked of blood magic.

Her head aching, Tala tried to reason out what had happened. The last thing she remembered was being on her horse, scouting the area around a manor house she had suspected Darrel was hiding in. Then there was a flash of light and she woke up in this situation.

“So I see you’ve woken up, ” a scratchy voice whispered into her ear from behind.

Tala’s blood went cold.

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