The Shotcut 2

The sky lit up purple and white bolts shot across,
like cracks in the sky.
Suddenly a dark ominous figure stood in front of her.
She screamed, the sky lit up again the figure was gone.
She didn’t hesitate she ran the rest of the way to the front gates. They were chained and locked.
Marilee desperately tried to climb over but couldn’t.
The iron was rusty and jagged and cut both her hands and fingers.
She stood with her back to the gate hands covered with blood, terrified and trembling.
Rain started to fall she had a choice to make.
She could stand there wet, cold and bleeding,
are take her chance’s making her way back to one of the crypt’s.
Lightening struck the tree’s behind her.
She needed the shelter.
She crept from one headstone to next knowing she wasn’t alone.
Drenched and cold, she curled up in the doorway of the first decaying crypt she came to, the rain poured down.
Her lips quivered she started to cry, the gates had never been locked before.

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