His Blood Ran Thin

It was raining. I hate the rain.

The body was still warm, blood running thin like a cheap marinara. His face was contorted…

Wait…not like a marinara at all. Marinara has, you know, stuff in it. Basil, oregeno, parsley. The blood didn’t have that. So I guess it was more like a cheap hot sauce.

Anyway. His face was contorted as if he was in extrem…

No. Not like hot sauce either. Hot sauce is more orange than red. Even though the blood was thinned out in the rain, it was still redder than hot sauce.

I guess maybe like ketchup…with some water in it to make it more runny. That works I guess. Or maybe like that juice that gets all over the place when you cut a tomato.

No, that’s too thin.

His blood ran thin like some blood that was mixing with the blasted rain.

Yeah, that’s it.

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