To everything there is a season.

Blaine was pouring over his last case for the afternoon, it was only around 1pm and a call came over his phone line.

“Mr. Dorson…I know you asked not to be bothered sir, but it’s your sister.â€?

Blaine stared at the phone for a long moment and then just picked up the line, clicking himself through. “Hey.â€?

His sister’s voice poured through the line, distant and amazingly blank, so much like her brothers.

“Blaine, there’s been, well there’s been a really bad accident. Mom was driving this morning and apparently someone coming in the opposite direction lost control of the car and..â€? her voice finally broke, “Blaine she’s dead…it killed her, mom’s dead.â€? She started sobbing and then phone was taken from her and picked up by Dexter. “We are headed to your dad’s so we will see you there?â€?

“Of course,â€? Blaine said calmly. “Give me time to go get my wife.â€? He hung up the phone and then silently packed up his things.

“Allison, please notify everyone that I will be out of the office for a few days.â€?

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