The Soldier (A life gone but not forgotten)

The peach tree’s were in full bloom.
The kids were playing hide and seek in the back yard.
Clothes hung on the line flapping in the breeze,
drying in the summer sunshine.
A young man knocks on the front door,
Melanie ran to answer it.
The man dressed in army attire, smiled and put his finger to his lips, she smiled, grandma, I think you need to come in here she said seriously.
Melanie, I don’t have time, she stopped wiping her hands on her apron as she entered the living room, and her eye’s lit up.
Mama, he said.
Evan, she ran to the door, stretched her arms around and hugged him, then kissing him all over his cheeks.
She pulled him in. Grandma something’s burning Melanie said. Oh! Oh, lunch!
You go on up stairs and get changed your dad’s out back she said.
The Farrah Fawcett poster still hung over the headboard of his bed.
His prom picture sat on the shelf next to his yearbooks above his desk.
A small model plane hung from the ceiling;
football banners lined the room.

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