My Dandelion // Part One

My dry lips parted, and I inhaled, tasting the early spring air; it was sweet, and it was cold. It was like my favorite desert, strawberry popsicles, but, this air was more refreshing, and it’s flavor was mysterious. I lifted my bare foot off the linoleum of the kitchen floor, and dug it into the grass, still partly wet from the snow that had melted overnight. Moving my other foot in front of the other one, surrounded my grass, I plunged my body forward and out of the door. I felt the sun’s ray touch me, it’s warmth holding me like my father would on a cold winter’s night, but winter was at last over, only leaving the sticks, carrot, and coal from the melted snowmen. Birds chirped and pecked on the rotten vegetable. I felt the wind dance with my light brown hair and my pink dress as I ran towards my destination. Where was that? It was the dandelion field.

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