i get dressed hurriedly and run outside. i practically sprint past my mom as she’s preparing breakfast. The run down my porch steps seems to take forever. my heart is about to thump right out of ym chest.
When i finally reach the ground i take off running around my house to where my bedroom window is. there he is, standing there so perfectly.
“Lindz.” he says softly. he looks like he’s ben crying.
“Ty,” i start, “i want you to know, everything thats happened to us over the past few days—i dont know how to put it. just, Ty…”
And i lean in a kiss him. and we kiss
and we kiss
and we kiss.
5 minutes and 45 seconds. i counted.

“lindz, i love you, and i mean that. with alll of my heart.” his voice is so deep!
“Ty, im yours, as long as you promise me that your mine.” Wow, i just realized im about to cry.
“Deal. I love you baby”
“i love you too babe.”
we kiss again, and its meant to be.

i know it.

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