Maybe, if things had gone a little differently, I wouldn’t be in this situation. Actually, if anything had gone RIGHT there’d be no need for this.”I can’t…I’m so sorry,” he said. I turned away from him. Might’ve looked like an act of defiance, but it was simply to hide my tears. When i was sure they were dry, I looked back. He shifted nervously from one foot to another. My angry words caught in my throat. I could only give him pathetic looks. How tragic. “Why?” I choked . I couldn’t maintain a normal volume. He looked down. He bit his lip and fiddled with a string dangling from his shirt. I frowned at his silence. “How could you think I wouldn’t find out?” I said. My anger and sadness were battling against each other.sadness. “Get out.” i whispered, and he hightailed it towards the door.

In my mind, scenes from my first true love had always played out like a movie. Trouble was, I never wrote out the ending
And here it came, SURPRISE ! Heartbreak in bold point. I went under. Never really did resurface.

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