Killers & Detectives

“Where did I put my cigarettes?”, Detective Mitch Graham said, to no one, as he was the only one in his office.

The phone rang, he picked it up on the first ring.

“Detective Mitch Graham here, whats up?, Uh huh, yeah ok, I’ll be right there sargeant, thanks for notifying me”.

His clients’ wife had been found, murdered in her apartment downtown. He had been tailing her for a week trying to find evidence of an affair. Now she was dead. How could this have happened,? he was watching her apartment last night, no one entered or left after Mrs. Sherman got home.
Mitch arrived and was greeted by Sargeant O’Rourke.
“Husband was away so he’s not a suspect.”

“Any fingerprints Sarg?”, Mitch asked.

“No none. Only thing out of place, according to the husband, is an empty box of cigarettes. Neither he nor his wife smoke, also this typewritten note,” he held it up and Mitch read it aloud “I know it was you who did it”.

“Any idea who did this Mitch?”, asked the sargeant.

“I wish I knew”,said Mitch.

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