Magnetic Poetry

“Mother!” Mariannes’ voice occupied a consider amount of space- much more then she physically occupied. In fact, while she took up 10% of her family’s average size, she took up 70% of her family’s average noise.

It distressed her mother so much, that Mrs. Andy often remarked- when intoxicated-that her five year old daughter was nothing more then a side effect of faulty birth control.

(Luckily none of her drinking buddies ever informed her of her startling disloyalty to her own child when she was sober, because when clear-headed, Mrs. Andy treated parenting like a religious ceremony.)

“MOTHER!!!!!” Marianne hopped across the living room to her dormant mother, “MOMMMYYYYY!”

“Nngh?” Mrs. Andy, (Angie to her friends), asked, “Nhhngnhhghnnh?!”

Marianne wasn’t sure what her mother was asking her, but she automatically assumed it was a plea from the subconscious to raise her voice- and get her up faster.


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