Dancing with Death - Installment 2

Winter in Pittsburgh is rough. You’re placed right next to Lake Erie, and it seems like all that precipitation evaporates and shits right on this town. It shits a white satin sheet of sheer frozen beauty on all these lights, houses, signs, cars, and streets. Nothing but white, frozen shit.

My cigarette is out. Fuck. I was hoping to get a little more out of it before it ended. Nothing disturbs me more than unwelcome surprises. As I toss the butt into the empty streets, I see headlights ahead. The van that passes by looks really familiar. It’s covered in snow, but the shape brings me back to a time years ago, when I still lived in the small town of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Right in the center of a valley, in the center of Pennsylvania. I’m three and a half hours west of that now, and covered in white shit, freezing to death.

To be continued…

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