Dancing with Death - Installment 4

This wasn’t a beat car at all. This guy wasn’t robbing me. By the looks of things, he didn’t need my shoes or the fly in my wallet waiting to buzz out into fresh air and freedom. No, this man was up to something. He’s not big, or at least he doesn’t look like he has a big frame. Ski mask and thick winter coat doesn’t really help me out though. I have no clue who this guy could be, but I can’t help opening my mouth and asking, “Whaddya want?”

He doesn’t answer, eyes forward and body still with the exception of the arms guiding the wheel. I go to open my trap again and before anything comes out the knife is at my neck. I hear a voice make its way out of his mouth, and I realize I’m not being taken hostage by a man, but a woman! The mask and jacket must have been used on purpose. I had been in so much shock earlier too, I must have not noticed her voice when she told me to get in the alley or into her nice, leather-lined car.

To be continued…

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