A Glimpse in Time - The Plug

The doctors have been poking and prodding me left and right, and I’m sick of it. I’m so doped up when I do pass away I won’t remember, I won’t feel, and I’m sure the last thing I’ll think about is the only thing I can remember clearly – how cold the floor was when I collapsed. It was almost refreshing, that is if my body wasn’t malfunctioning.
I’ve been in this hospital bed for months. The beeps and squeeks from the machinery, along with the constant noise in the hall have driven me insane. If it weren’t for the morphine and painkillers I’d be yearning for a smoke. They say that’s what did. I smoke too much.
I’m not incapable of movement. I mean I’m beat and high, but I can move. I can sit up, sort of, and flail my arms a little. I’ve had my hand around the so called ‘plug’ for some time now. The thought of ending my life is the only excitement I get anymore. I must be insane.
It’s my one year anniversary in this forsaken hospital. There is no question as to my sanity. I pull the plug tonight.

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