What Happened Last Night?

i dont know what came over me. i would never talk to my parents like that… never! Stupid Billy just HAD to give me that vodka. I hate him. I shouldnt have taken it. I know i cant hold my liquor well. I’m so dead.

But last night was so fun! (Well, the parts i remember) What happened? Who brought me home? Did my parents see? Did they talk to them? I have to call Ashley. NOW !

Damn, no answer. I know she didnt drink last night. She never drinks. Bryan. She’s probably with him. She’s ALWAYS with him.
I need ot call Daniel.
YES he answered!
“hey baby!”
“hey!” Wow, he sounds tired.
“Babe,” i continue, ignoring his tiredness, “Babe, what happened last night?”
No answer.
“Babe?” I’m getting impatient
“Hun, you have to promise me you wont get upset”

Oh God.

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