Character Flaw

I do not like people. I just don’t like them. Some think its a character flaw of mine, poor childhood, bad neighborhood. Well I’ll tell you, I was an almost wealthy child, with loving caring parents, hordes of wonderful friends, and I lived in a fantastic neighborhood. I still don’t like people. Theyre just so, so needy. And wanty. And touchy feely. No, I don’t need a hug to cheer me up, I need you to go away. They want to go for a run, they want dinner now, and you need to clean your plate. More exercise will not make me happier. Fresh and clean is not the same as joyful. People can just take all their sweet lovey dovey, shove it where the sun don’t shine, and leave me alone. Not only do I prefer to be a wallflower, I would rather people didn’t shower me with pity and care for me deeply. So don’t expect me to join in any thrilling conversations, just back off and let me be me in the corner without you and any of your caring.

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