A bullet skimmed over John Stevens head. “So this is what it feels like to be hunted?” he muttered as he ran for his life. The package was tucked under his arm. A soldier wielding a machete jumped out in front of him. Slashing wildly through the air, the soldier had death in his eyes. John jumped back and ran into the woods. “They’re all counting on you John.” he said to keep himself motivated. “I have to make it to the General!” He squeezed the package tighter, to remind himself it was still there.

The woods cleared and John found himself running through a field. The base now in view, explosions roared to his left and right. John knew they were pulling out the big guns. “A bit further. Just a bit further.” he panted. The doors to the base opened and John ran in.

“Ah, you made it.” the General said smiling.
“I did.” John answered. With that he opened the package and pulled out a gun. John shot the General dead. He radioed his General. “We gave a convincing performance Sir. No one expected I was a spy.”

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