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I know a few faithful blogreaders will believe anything I tell you.
I also know that most of you guys, even the ones that come to read my comments on the world every single day, will think I am either kidding, crazy or drunk.
But I assure you, this is the truth. Ofcourse most of you still won’t believe me.
I am a dog. And I don’t mean in the sense that I lead women on and cheat on them or anything like that. I guess I do those things too, but what I mean is that I am a real dog. I have four legs, no fingers, no thumbs, a tail that wags alot (especially if I am watching a good anime or being rubbed behind my ear.) My snout is cold and when I feel too warm my tongue hangs out of my mouth as this is the best way for me to get rid of excessive heat.
I know you don’t believe me.
I am a dog.

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