He stared, unmoving, at the quiet, deceptive peace of the river. His gaze bore through the water, down to what he knew lay sleeping under the stillness.

Poor people, he thought, shaking his head slowly and sadly. Absentmindedly, he fingered his charm in his pocket: his life, his fate, his destiny.

Silently, he said a prayer:
I don’t know who you are, or if you’re there, or if there’s more than one of you, or what your name is…or even if you can help. But please, keep the town safe. It’s not their fault I have a dangerous destiny. None of it is their fault.

Really he was only thinking of one, but he thought he might as well include the rest-none of it was their fault, either.

He slowly but surely put his charm around his neck, where it hung heavy and cold like his heart.

Keep them safe, he repeated, Keep her safe.

He took a deep breath and dove in.

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