Karanne x3 is typing
Bennyboy: Oh, did I tell you? I’m in a movie with Jkraz =D
Karanne x3: Yeah, I know
Bennyboy: arn’t you jealous?
Karanne x3: ..not really, a little i guess
Bennyboy: Mel would =(
Karanne x3: She already knows too
Karanne x3: But I can’t wait to see it. I mean, Jkraz is so fucking adorable!
Bennyboy: Thanks for throwing me under the bus Kara
Karanne x3: Don’t worry, Mell will be excited about you for the both of us.
Bennyboy: Yay!
Karanne x3: OMG did you think Jkraz was cute? =)
Bennyboy: I am not going to answer that.
Karanne x3: why not!?
Bennyboy: Because I’M NOT GAY ! a-duh =O
Karanne x3: lol Chris would
Bennyboy: =/ He has a girlfriend
Karanne x3: =o Shut up
Bennyboy: True story
Karanne x3: I don’t believe you
Bennyboy: Her name is Michelle
Karanne x3: nope
Bennyboy: (sigh) fine
Karanne x3: LMAO ! Chris looks shitfaced
Bennyboy: That was new years
Karanne x3: What the hell is Chris wearing? =/
Bennyboy: That…is a looong story
Karanne x3: Well, i guess so

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