Can You Guess What It Is?

The unbroken chains
Unhindered, they rain
Down upon me,
They’re all me,
They’re on me,
They’re all me.

The sharp delivery
A tongue slithery,
He’s trying,
He’s lying,
He’s prying,
He’s lying.

And when do we seek
When the sky colors bleak?
It’s out there,
Wait for it,
Adore it,
Wait for it.

It’s hidden from view,
Stuck to you like glue.
It’s waiting,

Beware of its hold,
The wintry grasp, cold,
It’s searching,
And lurching,
And purging,
And lurching.

It waits in the mind,
It waits till you find,
The recesses,
Dark lessons,
Dark lessons.

If you break free
From its false advocacy,
You’ll live on,
You’ll live on,
You’ll live on,

You’ll live on.


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