The Lie We Believe

A stream dripping down her face, she couldn’t take any of it back. She made the greatest mistake of her life- she fell for him face first. She didn’t know why her mouth moved at the point that lead up to a creation of a stream. It wasn’t supposed to happen like that. No way was she supposed to let the cage down. She did.No one asks, but she- but she appartently did. She should have known, but the words he said. She couldn’t. she was used to being numb. In the little time they knew each other she remember to bleed. now the bleeding couldn’t stop nor could the tears.
He watched as her heart spilled onto the table he didn’t want to hurt her, but he stabbed her anyway. She couldn’t turn back, she just needed to run. Nothing can describe the feeling of rejection- the nightmarish feeling. The regret that follows. When a person changes and is willing to give up everything. Its the hurt that begins to tuck you in at night. Love is the bullshit we all believe in, even her. Its the lies I believe in, that I long for.

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