Where Am I?

I wake up cold, excruciatingly cold. I grab what was supposed to be my blanket, but I only reached for air. I sit up and give every effort I had at that moment to open my glued eyes. Once I’ve accomplished that, I search around for my blanket. Since my vision isn’t as clear, I mistake something hard, something.. fragile, easily breakable.. instead. I blink a few times to clear up my vision, astounded that I had, with one hand, crumpled up my blanket into pisces.


I search my surroundings.

I thought the reason for it being, what, 60 degrees out was from my fan.. that’s what it was every other day.. Every other day I had been sleeping in my bed. Actually, the last thing I remember was falling asleep in my Temperapedic bed.

Realizing my situation, I hypothesize some solutions:

1: I’m still asleep..

I pinch myself to be sure, like they do on TV – I’m awake.

2: This is a prank.

I look between all trees to see if civilization was an option – it wasn’t.

Where am I?

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