The Vicious Cycle of Humanity

Ever since humans have existed as civilized beings, we have been nothing but a detriment to each other, ourselves, and the world as a whole. Why we are so innately yet, for the most part, unintentionally destructive, we may never know, but sometimes it is taken a bit too far and we are forced to finally look our destructive nature in the eye and fight back. There’s something in every age, every decade, every year that permeates society and brings about change, sometimes for the better. Think of the civil rights movement. Is it not true that all of the occurences of the civil rights movement, which were imminent for decades prior to their own time, all began because a black woman wouldn’t give her seat up on a bus. Now, one of these events is brewing once more, in my own hometown, and we will all be forced to take sides. It will pit brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, and friend against friend until someone is found to be the winner and someone is left a corpse lying face down in the dirt.

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