Tricksy Boys and Actual Fears

“Hehehehhh chill out maaannn” another one of Clay’s drunk friends slurred, stumbling around the house and bumping into things.
“Lets get out of here” one of Clay’s more sober friends suggested.

“Right on” Clay agreed and made his way to the door, put his hand on the knob, and turned. He looked over at me “Caitlyn…the…the..door won’t open, seriously…”
For a moment I felt my heart skip a beat, and then realization.
I pushed past him “Come on Clay, quit it, I want to go home.” Clay laughed as I opened the door easily and stepped outside.

A moment after the relief swept over me and the cool breeze brushed my face, Clay grabbed my collar, pulling me into the house and slamming the door, yelling “Caitlin!!” at the same time. At this point i couldn’t tell if he was kidding or not.

“Clay, let go of me, just take me back to my damn hou-”

and that’s when i heard the scratching at the door, followed by a low growl and soft laughter.

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