The Great Ruin Of Purple Daisys'

So peaceful,
So bright.
In a field, In the middle of no where.
In a field, where its so easy to forget about everything.
Doing nothing,
But never bored.
Through a field…purple, blue, green, yellow..the ray of colors shine at me.
In a sunny, so pretty…
He stood.
In the field where I could forget all my worries, all my hurt...he stood…
And ruined the potential peace…....
The potential happy, stress less environment.
[My potential happy stress less environment.]
Just like he seems to ruin everything else.
I came here to get away from you…
And yet, your here.
Out of all the places…Why?

They say.. evil comes disguised,
Like the City of Angels I’m walking towards the light.
[Good Charlotte. The River. ] But it keeps moving away and away. I can’t seem to reach it. And I don’t wanna be in love. [The Good Charlotte Website. The music on their background influenced this part…]

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