A Ficlets Attack

(Sigh) I just got home from school,
And there’s a buttload of homework to do.
I unload my backpack and get a snack…
What’s that? Oh no, it’s a ficlets attack!

The signs are obvious,
The symptoms are here!
The shaking, the quaking,
The ring in the ear!

Ah, now that’s better,
The fingers are typing.
The sound of the keyboard
Is so exciting!

Uh-oh…is that my parents home?
My homework wasn’t done,

I neglected my room,
Left it, yes, to its doom.
The piles of clothes
Reach up, soar and zoom.

That night, I am tired
And really quite weary,
But my parents don’t care,
They are mad, frown- and sneery.

“You forgot ‘bout your homework!”
Dad yells with a shout.
“You left your clothes filthy,
Within and without!”

So next time, dear readers,
This happens to you,
Just remember your homework,
Then there’s no ficlets blues.

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