Drama Wednesday

Samantha’s grandma ran into her apartment and grabbed the phone to call 911. Samantha, her mom and her grandma were covered in tears as well as Kerri which was the first to cry. Sam’s Grandma was on the phone trying her best to sound like she wasn’t crying. “179 Hartwell Road, Pickens, South Carolina. Brightwell apartments. He is in his seventys.” Kerri looked like a patient in the mental hospital. Her eyes were big, she was shaking and sweating and had no patience for the ambulance. “Where are these people!!!” Samantha stood looking at her mother bravely hold Kerri and her grandma weep on the phone trying to give all the information needed on the phone. Grandma caught Sam’s eye and told her to go lay in her bed. Sam did what she was told. She sat on her bed listening to the crying all the people were making, includeing herself. She looked out the window, they had all got off the pavement and into the grass. “I need to call my sister!!” cried Kerri. Mom quickly asked, “What’s your sister’s number?”

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