The Shortcut 3

She stretched her wet jacket tight around her body.
About an hour passed, dogs started to howl, and it was still raining.
She leaned back against the door.
The doors to the crypt creaked slowly open behind her.
Marilee jumped to her feet facing the doors,
is someone there she said nervously?
She heard something moving behind her,
she turned and demons from the darkness pulled her inside,
she fainted, her body hit the rock floor.
The figure picked up her limp body,
placing it on the stone altar in the middle of the room,
then lit the candle on the marble slab table next to the door.
He lay her arms across her chest, pulled her blood streaked hair to one side, and softly touched her cheek as if to say he was sorry.
He walked out, chained and locked the doors of the crypt behind him.
Her eyes opened.
She jumped to her feet, ran to the doors and franticly shook the bars, they didn’t move, she screamed for help,
on one came, crying she slide down the doors to the floor.

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