Back To Work!

“Really? This is only Danny’s first friend? He’s so adorable, I thought he would have tons of friends..” I say, suprised to say the least.

“Yeah, I thought that too. I guess he’s not a ‘friend’ type of kid. ..Although he seems to be getting along with Alex quite nicely.” she adds, watching the two children hide behind desks, pop up every couple seconds until the other kid finds them and then run around like, well, children.

“Hmm. That’s acutally suprising. Danny was always shy, and he always got picked on by other kids.” she says.

“Oh, I assure you, Alex won’t har-”

“Oh no no no, I wasn’t suggesting that. I’m just.. baffled.”

“Me too – this is the first time I’ve seen Alex this happy in a long time.”

Alex. My Alex. I’m a mother! I think as we gaze at our little pisces of heaven run around and pile on top of each other, then break into a mad laughing fit.

“Well, Alex will be content for quite a while, I guess you better get back to work – you’ve missed a lot.”

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