Mock Pop Culture {Ficlet Challenge}

My first challenge!

This is my 100th Ficlet (actually 110, but 10 are in draft form), so I decided to fall prey to peer pressure with the obligatory 100th Ficlet: Issue a Challenge rule/tradition.

I love Pop Culture, studying its effects and mocking it for fun.

Here are some things you could mock, either by making fun of a specific one, or by creating one that spoofs the entire group:

1. Actors/actresses
2. You Tube
3. Commercials
4. Movies
5. Television shows
6. Gossip columnists, tabloids, magazines
7. Radio, iPods, MP3s
8. Music genres/musicians
9. Popular books
10. Really, anything popular.

You do not need to use all of the list.

The contest itself is officially over, but if anyone wants use this as an inspiration, please feel free.

Have fun!

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