The Key to the Journey

Pulling a bandana over her mouth, Izzie waded into the heaps of junk that filled her now deceased great-aunt’s attic. Junk that was now hers, thanks to a will that had taken everyone by surprise by naming Izzie heir to the eccentric old woman’s estate.

The only explanation was a note containing a single line on a sheet of paper. The key to your journey lies in the past. The envelope also contained one other item; a key to the attic door.

A thick coating of snow-like dust covered everything from covered portraits to precise miniature replicas of ships complete with billowing sails. All forgotten mementos of ages long since past. Frankly, Izzie was sure it was quite incapable of being navigated. It looked as though nothing in the attic had been touched in the past decade.

Except for one path that led to a small corner that held a heavy trunk that was completely free of dust, as if out of all the memories in this place, this was the only one that her aunt had cared to revisit.

This had to be the key.

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