In the Beginning

First there was emptiness.

Then one woke up and he created another. For a long time they contemplated one another. They reached out and communicated.

“I’m empty,” said the first.

“I too,” replied the second.

They hovered together in nothingness for a long while more.

“I brought you here,” said the first.

“Yes,” said the second.

“We can create more, maybe?” Asked the first.

“We can try,” said the second.

Then there was matter. From the matter they created their form. From the form came desire. From desire came a need. A need for stimulation. Their forms expressed a desire for a caffeine.

“If we are to have this stimulant, we need to do more than just float here with this desire.”


“We may not ever get to experience it but others can if we combine.”


The first and the second gathered the leftover mass between
them and they embraced. The multiverse began to warm and

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