The Shotgun Innocence

Like fallen skies to the six-foot under mark
We take, we steal, we corrupt
Still completely, still so innocent
Driven by desire, yet held back so much
Tethered by our own inhibitions
To a pole of constant wondering
To be or not to be, or somewhere in between
Take these words and watch them close
Before they slip away
Learn something I managed to forget
To love or to forsake
Is it possible to do both?
We put our hands together, and see nothing but differences
But you’re the face I see when i look in the mirror
Impossible, it seems, to differentiate.
Take back before we run away
Dancing to our death in the hazy sunset
Pretending we don’t know where we’re going
Pretending we don’t pull the trigger
Darling, let’s dodge the bullet
Flee the scene,
Let’s pretend it didn’t even come close

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