She loves me she loves me not

The gunshots brought the outlying Marauders running my way. I managed to down three of them before Grumpy, the leader, got in a lucky hit. Shoulder flaring in intense pain I huddled up to a rock, sticky blood running down my back.

Unable to grip the gun anymore I let it fall to the sand with a sullen thump.

“Looks like we got us a fine pair here,” Grumpy told his men. All of them gathered around me like vultures.

“You won’t take me alive,” I said.

“Who wants you alive?” He laughed. “What?”

Blood spread across his chest as he fell to the ground. Yelling madly the other Marauders scattered as three huge motorbikes, and gunshots, ploughed through them. Three of them fell instantly, the rest tried to escape.

A huge hover ship stopped overhead as a pink and silver bike stopped before me. It’s rider paused then thrust a rifle muzzle against my chest. She glanced over at Sweeper, nodded in approval.

“These two will do,” she spoke into her communications set. Then pulled the trigger.

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